Forex News Trading Strategy- EconomyGalaxy

Forex News Trading Strategy- EconomyGalaxy

Imagine that you are in your favorite car, and by accident, your car is hanging on a ledge while you are inside. You do not have an indefinitely longer period to think about what to do next because the car can fall at any moment.

You have two wide options in your hand only.

To jump off the car and save your own life.

And, To get off the car carefully by taking time and saving the car from falling.

What are you thinking? 

Well, you can choose any option, which is entirely up to you, but making a quick decision is the MAIN THING!

But how does it relate to Forex Trading? Or, to be more specific, in Forex News Trading Strategy.

It does, and it vigorously does! 

If you go through the Article, you will clearly understand how and why it relates to currency trading and News Trading.

Content Overview

  • What is Forex News Trading Strategy?
  • Numbers and Figures
  • How to Trade the News
  • Factors to Consider when Trading the news on Forex
  • Requirements of Forex News Traders
  • Forex News Trading Strategy
  • How to Use the News to Trade Stocks
  • News Trading Signals
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of News Trading
  • Forex News Trading Predictions
  • Risks of News Trading
  • FAQs
  • The Bottom Line


What Is News Trading Strategy?

News Strategy in the Forex market is a strategy that includes trading depending on the market state and right after or before a news release. Following the news trading may require you to decide depending on the state.

Trading the currencies have some outstanding precedence, and it is because the Forex market remains open for 24/5.

Yes, 24 hours a day and five days a week while pushing the economic growth.

And as the market changes its shape because of the news or events, the economic report is undoubtedly the most crucial stimulant for short-term movements.

Indeed, the US Dollar is mostly the one side of other major currencies, which is why keeping an eye on US economic releases is important.

Numbers and Figures

Forex News Trading Strategy

Almost 4 out of 10 forex traders feel comfortable and are familiar with the news trading.

Over and above that, renowned traders like George Soros, Stanley Druckenmiller, Andrew Kreiger, and many more also recommend News Trading.

If and only if you are good at keeping updates about anything, especially regarding Forex, Trading, Investment, Finance, and business happening worldwide!

Now you might be asking what currencies should be your priority to put focus on.

Well, there are something like eight significant currencies accessible for exchanging, all things considered, currency traders.

There is generally a piece of financial data scheduled for discharge that forex traders can use to make informed trades.

At least seven data bits are delivered every workday (except occasions) from the eight significant most-followed nations.

So for the people who decide to trade news, there are a lot of chances.

The eight significant currencies which are recognizable to most traders are:

  • USD (United States Dollar)
  • GBP (British Pound Sterling)
  • EUR (Euro)
  • CHF (Swiss franc)
  • JPY (Japanese Yen)
  • CAD (Candian Dollar)
  • NZD (New Zealand Dollar)
  • AUD (Australian Dollar)

Now let me tell you a hack!

As per economic data, there is a specific time when you need to pay extra attention to the financial markets if you follow the news trading laws.

When you want to trade with the forex news today, you know when the market will move.



Time (EST)


United States

8:30 to 10 a.m.



7 to 8:30 a.m.


United Kingdom

2 to 4:30 a.m.



2 to 6 a.m.



6:50 to 11:30 p.m.



5:30 to 7:30 p.m.


New Zealand

4:45 to 9 p.m.



1:45 to 5:30 p.m.



2:45 to 4 a.m.



3:45 to 5 a.m.

News Trading: How To Trade Forex

Before diving into how to trade the news, let me give you some important tips on news trading.


  • Watch the most vital news like a hawk, which is powerful enough to shake the financial markets.
  • Choose some good news sources and hold for their publication, and then you are ready to trade balance as per the plan.
  • If your analysis and reasoning fail to meet the requirement and, at the same time, the impact of the market does not match as much as it was expected, just have some patience and do not turn the market around. Just go with the flow of the market's trend.
  • And the most important tip of all! DO NOT RUSH! Hold yourself for the strong signals.

That was all for the important tips, and guess what?

You have already learned half of it. I mean 50% of how to trade the news.

Now there are three different approaches to forex news trading. For instance:

  • Trade before the news releases.
  • Trade right when the news releases.
  • Trade after the news releases.

Very simple, right? I know.

Another most important thing is the most regular way to trade the news. And that is the searching for the exact time of unsureness in front of a big number figure and set in the back of retail investor accounts. Try to get connected with babypips news. It will provide valuable information about finance, forex, and other ETFs.

Oh, I missed something, the time of affiliation too!

Factors To Consider When Trading The News On Forex

Factors are just meant to be followed to get the best outcome in almost every possible field and Forex trading. 

You cannot just follow a strategy just because you are into its nature or type. If you can carry out the factors such as interest rates, are you good to go with a strategy? Now here are some factors that you seriously need to take into consideration.

Yes, you heard me right!

The Constituent of Surprise

In the difference of a short time, we can experience some incredible moves in the market. That difference in-between the actual news reports that have been released and what was predicted before is the constituent of surprise.

Broker of Superior Quality

In case you want to trade with a broker, then there are certain things that you need to take seriously.

Let me HIGHLIGHT A SITUATION in front of you.

Let's say you are trading news releases with a poor-quality broker, and it is evident from various sources that a broker of that quality range will never let you gain short-term profits from trading news. There are other bad practices from a broker too, and you won't get access to decent retail investor accounts. 

If I sort them for you then,

Spread Widening and Stop-loss hunting

Assuming the market price is near your stop-loss, the traders could observe an expansion in the spread for two or three places, which will cause the stop-loss actuation.

Mental Outlook

“MANAGING EMOTION”- is one vital term in trading, and most of us are acknowledged this already. 

And most importantly, while news trading, it is extremely important to take care of all the psychological factors.

The one who trades, a trader, must have to undertake all the variables, explicate the released figures and finally execute their plan to real action.

Additionally, there are some compulsory terms for a trader to follow.

Such as, a trader must understand the data he ought to analyze and have the potential to make decisions by disassociating the mental attachments.


Slippage is when a trader gets an inconsistent price than he was expecting, both at a trade's entry and exit point.

Thus, a high-quality forex broker must make a successful step while trading the news! And the must-have to offer instant execution is a big reason behind it.

I think you can already guess it. Still, let me make it straightforward for you for easy understanding.

While trading news, I guess a better, smoother, more reliable trading platform would be an excellent point for many traders. And for that, AssetsFX can be a good option. But I will not announce that AssetsFX is the only solution.

News trading happens rapidly, and in fast action, so you need to catch up on that speed too, which is a SUPERSONIC speed regarding support and resistance levels.

Yes, we are done with the factors of forex news trading, and we are ready to jump on to news trading but wait.

What's holding us?!

It is the requirement of a forex news trader.

Let's see what those are and whether we meet the requirement. Because if we don't, there will be no purpose in learning the strategies.

The Forex news calendar is another valuable thing in the trading strategy.

News Announcements: Requirements Of Traders

Forex News Trading Strategy

To begin with, news traders should get a handle on their feelings while entering and leaving trades, and I mentioned it earlier, didn't I?

Secondly, a new trader should have speedy reflexes to respond when things happen and be competent at rapidly executing the exchange.

And finally, a news trader ought to acquire profits from the market by lessening its risk as much as possible (news releases).

He should know about the harmony between risk and award.

Additionally, news traders must presume what's ahead of time for everyday and hourly support and resistance levels.

Now we are finally ready to pull it off! I mean the STRATEGIES.

Forex News Trading Strategy

  • OCO Trade (One-cancels-other order)

An OCO is a couple of orders that are connected together. Whenever market variation takes place, either order to be filled, the unfilled order is naturally dropped. This order management guarantees just one of the orders is implemented.

  • Buying the Rumor and Selling the News

A straddle trade includes making the two sides of the price move on a short-term basis. When we anticipate a significant price movement yet don't know in which direction, we place BUY STOP/SELL STOP orders around the current level, wanting to get the movement through one of our two unconcluded orders. These are the pillars of the strategy.

How about we dissect the EUR/USD graph above, and we should accept that the market anticipated a few terrible figures for the Euro money.

The market exchanged endlessly lower during the day, and when the real news was published, the price headed down the other path - above- despite the unwanted or bad news published for the Euro cash.

These sorts of movements occur regularly. That is because the market brought together the news before their declaration.

This is why it's so important to investigate whether the market comprised the normal figures for its price before thinking about trading the news.

  • Straddle Trade

A straddle trade includes making the two sides of the price move on a short-term basis. Essentially, when we anticipate a significant price movement yet don't know in which direction it will occur, we place BUY STOP/SELL STOP orders around the current level, wanting to get the movement through one of our two unconcluded orders. These are the pillars of forex news trading strategy.

How to Use the News to Trade Stocks

Stock trading, in the light of news publishes is a plan of action maneuver by both short-term traders and long-term traders. Assuming an organization has solid monetary records, incomes, and profit reports reliably, then, at that point, a trader might choose to purchase and put away the share for a longer time.

Let’s assume that an organization publishes a report with significantly lower financial activities or records than anticipated.

Now, this can make a convention for traders to short the stock as its worth is lessening. Traders can perform an organization examination before choosing whether to invest in stock or not. This incorporates inspecting the growth rate's potential and any potential legitimate, political, or indebtedness chances. Monetary ratios like cost/income alongside profit yields can refer to whether a stock is a solid investment at this moment.

Usually, the news that has a crucial slam on a company's share probably it will not have any big impact on the currencies then. Well, how to know forex news before release?

Someone questions how they know about the forex news before its release. Well, you have to optimize the trading psychology and forex market. After completing this research, you can predict a dedicated currency pair and the market condition.

News Trading Signals

Automated News Trading Signals helps us stay one step forward by deciding when to step into the market, when to get out of it, and which trade to avoid. 

And the good news is, there are some certain brokers who offer this service. And these calls depend on the price fluctuation when any specific kind of news is published. It can also remind a trader if he has to buy or sell.

Now I will do a run-down on a quick comparison of News Trading Strategy. Like how beneficial it can be for you following the advantages, I will also highlight the drawbacks if there are any! These signals play a vital role in forex news trading strategy.

Benefits and Drawbacks of News Trading

Let’s begin with the drawback what say?

Yes, it is too little if we compare it with the benefits or the advantages. 

The only disadvantage of News Trading is the presence of apparently genuine data which turns out to be a hoax. This unauthentic news tends to make exceptionally fly-by-night effects even after the title is put on it.

The end!

I mean the end of the disadvantage of news trading.

Now, what are the advantages?

  • Increasing Volatility

It can give us an extra hand to bump up the volatility even if it is for short period. Volatility is volatility, right? But how? 

Well, some specific sort of economic briefings can catch up with extra volatility in the market. 

Surprisingly, the cleanest forex or stock chart examples can be cast out of sync by a tough trading announcement.

For instance, the most recent joblessness news or changes to interest rates or expansion from a cross-country bank.

  • Signify that the Trends are Changing

Trend and News Trading are significantly connected. In a vision to make more profits, most traders often try to look out for trends. And trends in that class can last up to minutes, days, and also for months.

But almost all of the trends have reverse flow and the transposition of the fundamental economics maybe is the primary sign of it

Moreover, we know that every big initiative starts with small steps and this is relatable with the trend reversal. No matter how big an economic announcement is, it can rarely turn around a medium-term trend. 

Here’s the fact that works from the back-end and very effectively.

That is the market reaction.

  • Prompt Unexpected Market Reactions

There is in general an agreement among driving economists about what level an economic declaration is probably going to come in at. Changes to nonfarm payrolls​​, GDP, or expansion information will significantly affect the market.

For instance, low joblessness proposes a solid economy, so many would anticipate that the stock market should rise. A choice to bring down interest rates could make a country's currency less appealing, making it fall against other world currencies.

Every once in a while, economic announcements are altogether different from what the more extensive market was expecting, and this can cause a contrary market response. 

For instance, assuming the national bank indicates that rate cuts might be coming, yet the currency actually ascends, there could be different variables notwithstanding the possibility of interest rate changes. 

This could end up being a solid 'purchase' signal. If it is seen that the currency doesn't drop on an assumption of a fall in interest rates, then, at that point, the positive opinion is solid, and this might actually demonstrate that it is currently a wide-open market. Well, now you get that there are a lot of advantages to forex news trading strategy.

Forex News Trading Predictions

Commodities too have demand in the market, and a suggestion for the traders will be to keep an eye on commodities; commodity cost rises and falls with the seasons. 

Occasional forex trading news and effects will often be found in the energy and agriculture commodities, but less so for valuable metals.

The table below shows a portion of the fundamental asset currencies and the commodities influencing them. These can be involved by traders as a kind of forex news trading signal, as it can support anticipating where the currency's cost is going.


Currency Pair




Crude Oil



Metals and Forest Product



Base Metal and Grains



WTI Crude oil and Metals

New Zealand


Livestock and Dairy



Crude oil, Gas and Metal

South Africa


Precious Metals


Above all these things are some explicit Risks of News Trading Strategy.

Risks of News Trading

Specifically, news trading requires expert analysis skills, as you should comprehend what certain economic announcements can influence your positions and the also the economic market.

There is more like the gamble of fetching positions for a long time. Assuming the news publish requires a couple of days or even weeks to come up, your trading positions might be open for a few days. This brings risk at once and may expect you to pay unexpected holding costs. For this reason, traders ought to guarantee that they have enough funds in their accounts to deal with those expenses.

We are almost to the end. Hold a little patience.

Some Relevant FAQs About Forex News Trading Strategy


Q 1: How do I trade news in forex?

  • The most well-known method for trading forex on the news is to search for a time of union in front of a significant number and trade the breakout on the rear of the number. An assortment of intriguing choices is accessible for traders who need to catch a breakout move, however, with less instability than trading the cash pair itself.

Q 2: What is the most profitable forex trading strategy?

  • "Profit Parabolic" trading procedure given a Moving Average. The technique is alluded to as an all-inclusive one, and it is in many cases suggested as the best Forex strategy for predictable benefits. It utilises the standard MT4 markers, EMAs (remarkable moving averages), and Parabolic SAR that fills in as an affirmation instrument.

Q 3: What news affects forex?

  • News that can affect risk-on, risk-off trading incorporates securities trade returns and instability, monetary burdens at the public or mainland level, political disturbance, decisions, settlement discussions, and other news past financial information and national banks.

Q 4: Is trading the news profitable?

  • News trading can be beneficial and fill in for however long it's done accurately. Nonetheless, it requires work to examine the news continually, and it's generally conceivable to get news delivered past the point of no return when the organisation's stock or the crypto resource has previously fallen.

Q 5: What is the most successful day trading strategy?

  • Scalping is one of the unique day-trading methodologies for specific merchants who can settle on fast choices and follow up on them without staying. Followers of the scalping methodology have sufficient discipline to sell right away on the off chance that they witness a cost decline, hence limiting misfortunes.

Q 6: Is scalping a good strategy?

  • Scalping can be entirely productive for traders who choose to involve it as an essential system or even the individuals who use it to enhance different kinds of trade. Sticking to the strict leave procedure is the way to create little gains that compound into huge increases.

The Bottom Line

The world currency market is mostly dependent on short-term movements followed by any publication of economic news.

If you really want to trade successfully and want to take a position in the market then you have to ensure some points. 

Such as realizing when reports are normal, understanding which publishes are most significant given current economic circumstances, and knowing how to trade in light of this market-moving information.

And I would like to give you some free advice.

“RESEARCH” and “STAY UP-TO-DATE” are the two key things of news trading strategy and the ultimate hack to put a score in the Forex Market.

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