Instagram now has 60-second stories that users may share -EconomyGalaxy

Instagram now has 60-second stories that users may share -EconomyGalaxy

The social network confirmed to TechCrunch on Friday that Instagram users would soon be able to publish lengthier, uninterrupted Stories. Now, Stories that are less than 60 seconds in length will not be divided into portions.

Late last year, the corporation began testing the modification with a subset of users; it has now been implemented for all users worldwide.


A spokeswoman for Meta told TechCrunch via email, "We are always trying to enhance the Stories experience."

Now, Stories may be played and created continuously for up to 60 seconds, rather than being automatically split into 15-second clips. The latest update to the application will certainly be appreciated by both users and watchers.

Users will now be able to publish unbroken Stories that will not be split up, and viewers will no longer have to tap repeatedly to get through a lengthy video that they may not want to watch.

People who loved the simplicity of short, bite-sized Stories, though, might be turned off by the change. In addition, the ability to publish longer, uninterrupted Stories confuses the distinction between Stories and Reels, as there are now two options for submitting a 60-second video.

As Instagram transitions to video, the social network has increased the maximum duration of its video offerings. In June, the business added support for 90-second Instagram Reels, up from the previous limit of 60 seconds.

Instagram has also just implemented a system update whereby new video postings under 15 minutes are automatically posted as Reels.

When Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri outlined Instagram's goals for 2022, he stated that the business will double focus on video. Therefore, the modifications to Instagram's video features are not shocking.

He also said that Instagram might unify all of its video offerings around Reels and continue to expand the short-form product, suggesting that the distinction between Stories and Reels may become even more blurred.

Instagram has been following TikTok and even rolled out a TikTok-like full-screen feed that users hated so badly that they effectively pushed the social network to reverse the contentious modification.

However, this does not imply that Instagram will cease promoting video since the recent update to Stories demonstrates that the social network remains enthusiastic about becoming a video-centric platform.

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